Deep Tissue Bodywork, Sports Massage, Myofascial & Active Release Therapies

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, a powerlifter or yoga enthusiast, people of all levels of athleticism can benefit from regular massage therapy. An important part of a balanced training and recovery regimen, massage therapy can maximize performance, improve endurance, reduce fatigue, speed recovery, promote flexibility and prevent injury.

Sports massage targets areas that can be stressed, overused and injured by training and is customized to your needs as an individual, incorporating a combination of deep tissue, trigger point, myofacial and active release techniques. Competitive athletes can also benefit from the relaxation that massage brings, helping you to relax and prepare mentally before competition.

Swedish, Relaxation & Pre/Postnatal Massage

While deep tissue and sports massage is great for sore muscles and aches and pains, numerous studies prove that bodywork for relaxation is beneficial to nearly everyone. Swedish massage therapy reduces stress hormones while increasing oxygen in the blood, decreasing toxins, as well as improving circulation and flexibility while reducing tension.

Mobile Service

Some clients prefer to have massages in the comfort and privacy of their own space. Please contact us directly to book this service, as it requires that we manually schedule the appointment on our calendar, setting aside appropriate travel time.

Corporate Massage

Corporate chair massage is becoming a way that employers can gain a competitive edge in this economy where highly-skilled workers may be influenced by, not only the salary offered, but also by the perks provided in the workplace. Massage is known to improve morale and productivity, and is especially enticing to employees when the employer covers the tab! Even when paid for by the employees themselves, your staff will appreciate the convenience of a massage service that comes to them during the workday.

Our convenient online booking system ensures that the booking of service times can be done by your employees themselves, allowing them to reserve the time that best fits their schedules and preventing additional work for your administrative staff. We provide you with an exclusive link for your employees to book sessions for the days that we are scheduled to provide service to your location.

Book a Session – Contact Travis at 925.922.1549

Starting soon, we will offer online self-scheduling so that you can view our availability in real time. This allows you to choose the days, times, locations and services that best meet your needs. In the meantime, please contact Travis directly at 925.922.1549 to schedule.

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