The Elite Therapeutics Story

Travis grew up in Northern California where his talents for therapeutic touch were recognized at an early age. Giving massages at family gatherings was a great way for a kid to make extra bucks while making others feel amazing. After deciding to pursue massage therapy as a career, he enrolled at the National Holistic Institute and graduated in 2013. Now he uses his skills and training to help others reach their wellness goals, continuing to learn new techniques to broaden the scope of services he provides.

Why Choose Elite?

With so many types of massage therapy, and a multitude of providers, you might be wondering what sets Elite apart from the rest. Because Travis has mastered a variety of massage modalities, you don’t have to book a specific kind of massage. Therapy sessions are tailored specifically to your needs and preferences and may include techniques from multiple massage types. So whether you spend your days at a desk, on your feet, lifting weights, or carrying kids, nearly everyone can benefit from the mental and physical relief that massage therapy brings.

Ready to Book? Contact Travis at 925.922.1549

Beginning soon, we will have online scheduling for office appointments, so that you can view availability in real time. This allows you to choose the days, times and services that best meet your needs. In the meantime, please contact Travis directly at 925.922.1549 to schedule an appointment.

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